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We strive to operate efficiently while dedicating ourselves to the creation of policies that uphold BCNU's values and strategic decision-making processes.

Candi Desousa, Chair - Policy Review

Policies are important. I appreciated this fact after being elected regional council member in September 2020. I wanted to serve members effectively and so proactively sought membership in the union's Policy Review Committee (PRC). Over the span of four years, I've immersed myself in BCNU policies and contributed actively to this committee's endeavors, having served as chair for the past two years.

The PRC is responsible for painstakingly converting Council motions and convention resolutions into actionable policies that are the cornerstone of BCNU's governance. This is a collaborative effort involving input from provincial executive and regional council members and staff.

I bring a robust human rights and equity perspective to our policy dialogues, which is informed by my lived experience as an Indigenous woman deeply engaged in a personal journey of truth and reconciliation and committed to continuous cultural learning. The activist in me is invested in ensuring that the decisions made by BCNU Council are firmly grounded in policies forged through collaborative and inclusive processes.

The PRC strives to operate efficiently while dedicating itself to the creation of policies that uphold BCNU's values and strategic decision-making processes. Some of the policies developed or refined in the last year include:

  • Crafting a new scent-free policy in response to a concern raised by the Workers with Disabilities Caucus
  • Implementing of a 120-day window for submission of union leave forms to BCNU finance or a member will forfeit their right to compensation for their time
  • Clarifying the eligibility requirements for the Evelyn Hood Benevolent Fund
  • Creating new policy language to manage gift card giveaways under policy 3.1.13

The PRC also conducted its annual systematic review of all BCNU policy language to ensure it remains relevant and current. After completion, any new or revised policies are presented to Council for final approval and inclusion in Member Policies behind the BCNU Member Portal.