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I'm committed to using our collective power as union members to uphold the principles of fairness and equity throughout the electoral process

Will Chambers, Chair - Nominations

The BCNU Nominations Committee plays a pivotal role in protecting the integrity of our union's electoral processes and is committed to ensuring fair and equitable elections for all members seeking office within the union.

For the past two years I've had the privilege of serving as committee chair. I've taken a lead role managing communications and correspondence with members pertaining to BCNU elections and I have enjoyed collaborating closely with fellow committee members.

A special election for four vacancies on the Nominations Committee will be held during BCNU's 2024 convention. Candidates must maintain good standing within the union and cannot hold any BCNU office or full-time position above that of worksite steward. They are also prohibited from expressing political preferences or endorsing candidates in any provincial or regional BCNU election.

The current Nominations Committee began its activities in January 2023. I and two other members were acclaimed at Convention 2022. However, last year unforeseen circumstances left me as the sole remaining member.

A search was conducted across all 16 BCNU regions to recruit two interim members, culminating in the successful appointment of the skilled and capable Crystal Ferreira and Paulina Iturra.

The committee oversaw two elections in 2023, including the general election for provincial executive officers and regional council members and a special election for provincial treasurer. Following these events, the committee extensively reviewed the electoral process and identified areas for improvement. We are now focused on educating members about proper election procedures and enhancing communication channels to efficiently address election-related issues.

Looking ahead, the committee is aiming to have a full complement of five nominations members for the remainder of the current term, which runs until 2025, at which point a new committee will be elected at that year's convention.

I am personally committed to the prospect of continuing to lead the Nominations Committee, pending the membership's approval, for the foreseeable future and using our collective power as union members to uphold the principles of fairness and equity throughout the electoral process.